Social Minds

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Social Minds is our Social Skills Therapy Program

We run Social Skills Therapy Groups, offer 1:1 Counselling and 1:1 Mentoring to our clients

The Social Minds Program is for Girls aged 11-17 who are on the autism spectrum.

Our Group Therapy Program

We currently run two girl groups called Social Squad.  We use Social Thinking Concepts and Zones of Regulation to teach the girls Social Skills and Emotional Regulation.  We teach skills in real time whilst the girls are participating in the group.  The groups are also lots of fun and provide belonging and acceptance as well as a social outlet for girls.  

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For Girls aged 11-17

4.30-5.30 Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Capital Region Community Services

from week 1 to 10 during the school term.

1:1 Services


We offer counselling services to our participants in our groups.  This is for participants that may be going through change, or some sort of difficult situation and they are needing some extra therapuetic work.


We also offer one on one mentoring.  This is where a worker will take your child out for some time away from the home to participate in the community, providing support and mentoring around Social and Emotional Skills that they are learning in the group.